10 Reasons Why I Need Regular Visits To A Dentist?

Feb 16, 2022

Dental recall visits are recommended to help you maintain healthy and functional teeth and mouth. Here are some reasons why they are important:

  1. Removing visible plaque and tartar.
    Despite trying our best, it is hard to keep our teeth clean. The plaque collects over a period and calcifies to form calculus. This causes bleeding gums, gum infection, cavities etc. During your regular maintenance we do an exam and target all the visible built-up plaque and calculus through a professional clean. Polish will help to freshen up the surface of the teeth and remove some stains.
  2. Receiving professional advice on how to maintain your oral health.
    The dentist will assess your dental health and make suggestions on what needs to be done to improve the health of your teeth and gums.
  3. Application of a concentrated fluoride onto the surface of the teeth.
    The Fluoride will be absorbed onto the surfaces of the teeth and help to fight off future holes in your teeth.
  4. Preventing oral bacteria form causing problems in other areas of the body.
    Bacteria from within the mouth are now known to enter the blood stream. They travel to the different parts of the body and may result in damaging effects on other organs including the heart, brain, lungs, joints, etc. Regular cleans can reduce the level of bacteria along your gums thereby preventing its systemic effects.
  5. Finding holes that might exist in your teeth.
    The dentist checks all the teeth for holes. The assistance of X-rays might be needed. This way the holes can be caught early and be treated with fillings. This prevents the progression of the decay to affect the nerve within your tooth causing toothache and more expensive dental treatment.
  6. Check for lesions within your mouth.
    Pathologies can arise within your mouth even without you realising it. Regular dental exams are important to check for any pathology and to refer or treat accordingly.
  7. Avoiding painful dental conditions.
    Toothaches generally arise from holes in your teeth. However, tooth aches can also arise from gum infections. Catching dental issues early and treating them effectively can usually prevent such toothaches.
  8. Assessing & maintaining previous dental treatment.
    Most of us have had dental treatments done previously. Checking the integrity of previously completed work is important. Examination can be conducted visually, or x-rays may be utilized.
  9. Utilizing health fund rebates.
    Most health funds do not allow you to roll over the unused amounts allotted towards your benefits. It is best that you use your health fund rebates towards your regular exams & cleans.
  10. Keeping the cost of extensive treatment down.
    Addressing issues earlier so that we can catch the issues early and treat them avoiding more expensive treatment costs.