Dental Implants

Teeth as strong as your own

What is this treatment?

A dental implant is a titanium “root” that is placed into the jaw bone to support a crown to form an artificial tooth. Titanium is a biocompatible material and does not cause allergic reactions. The implant is usually inserted into the jaw bone under a local anaesthetic, and the bone grows onto the implant and integrates with the surface.

Is this treatment for me?

It does not matter whether teeth were lost through accident, disease or caries; dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement alternative for many patients.

When the natural roots of teeth are lost, bone resorption in the jaws may occur. These problems can be avoided by inserting dental implants.

  • 9The benefits of this treatment are – Implant supported teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth.
  • 9Dental implants make you feel comfortable – you can eat whatever you want; your teeth are strong and stable. You know that you have chosen the best solution and can smile a confident and beaming smile.
  • 9Implants provide an efficient long-term solution – when you maintain good oral hygiene, your implants can last your whole life. This makes implants an efficient and economic long-term solution.
  • 9Dental implants support your health – when you lose a tooth, the jaw bone and gum will resorb, and increasingly so if you lose several teeth. Dental implants protect healthy teeth, protect from bone loss and help you keep your natural look.

Implant Supported Denture: An implant supported denture is screwed into the dental implants by the dentist and cannot be removed at home.

Implant Retained Denture (Overdenture): Implant retained denture can be clipped on and off at home, with only the implants within the jawbone being fixed.

Guided Implant Surgery: Guided implant surgery is the process of planning the implant surgery on a computer using the CT (3 D) image and impressions of your jaws. It allows the transfer of the plan directly into surgical field using surgical guides.

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