5 Tips on Children’s Toothbrushing

Sep 17, 2021

Toothbrushing is as important for children as adults to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Tip 1: How to start with the brushing process?

Teeth brushing generally should be done as soon as the first teeth start coming through, which is usually around 6 months of age. Start cleaning your child’s teeth with a soft damp cloth, and slowly progress to a small soft toothbrush with water.

Tip 2: Toothpaste recommendations with amounts and Fluoride strengths*

Under 17 monthsDon’t use toothpaste
Over 18 months and up to 5 yearsSmall pea-sized amount of child strength fluoride toothpaste
6 and overPea-sized amount of normal strength fluoride toothpaste can be used

* These are general recommendations and will vary depending on the presence of fluoride in water, level of decay, etc. Speak to your local dentist for further information.

Tip 3: Helping your child with their brushing

Try brushing for at least 2 minutes (you could use a timer), which means that you have to try keeping them entertained and interested for that long.

Generally, we need to brush twice daily, morning and night. Making it fun will keep them interested- using tunes, singing songs, etc.

For the younger ones try sitting them up and facing away from you, leaning them backwards (with support) and support their chin open.

For older children ask other family members to show children how to brush.

Your child does need help until they turn 7-8 years of age, which is when they are able to brush on their own.

Tip 4: Brushing technique

Angle the bristles towards the gums and move the brush gently back and forth with short, strokes. The brushing should be carried out on the outside surfaces, inside surfaces of all teeth and on the chewing surfaces. Please remember that children should spit out, and not swallow or rinse after brushing.

Tip 5: Organise their regular oral health check up

Generally, children should have an oral health check up by the time they turn two. So, please organise this with your trusted family dentist.

For further information please do not hesitate to visit us at Robina Family Dental Surgery. We endeavour to keep the kids interested in visiting us with i-pads in the waiting room, televisions on the ceiling and a take home oral hygiene pack. We also offer happy gas and twilight dentistry for the more anxious ones. We are a family friendly practice with a focus on comprehensive treatments, providing you with multiple payment options and checking your eligibility for bulk billing of your child’s dental payments.