A Father’s Day Dental Special

Sep 1, 2019

Dads are epic. You know you’re secretly chuckling inside after an incredibly lame dad joke. And you know exactly who to turn to when you’re in deep trouble because dad will be able to fix it, no matter the crisis. So it’s time to show our appreciation to all dads around the world this Father’s Day with a few dental-themed gifts!

Wait a sec… Why Dental Gifts?

OK, I see you’re confused. Why dental gifts? Why not the usual stubby holder, a new fishing rod, or a themed tie? Well, most dads actually have a few habits that differ from most mums, such as being:

  • Less likely to brush their teeth twice a day
  • More likely to develop gum disease (because of not brushing frequently)
  • Less likely to visit the dentist regularly
  • More likely to have cavities and untreated dental issues (because of not visiting the dentist regularly)
  • More likely to develop oral cancer

Some dental-themed gifts will really go a long way to helping your dad keep up to date with his oral hygiene and show him how much you care. (Of course, you can also couple your gift with some other things you know he’ll enjoy; who says dads should only get one gift on Father’s Day?)

For the Drinking Dads

If your dad loves a cold stubby after a long working day, he’s not alone. 20% of men drink most days of the week to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Unfortunately, it may not be the best for your dad’s bright smile.

Chromogens colour most alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, they’re terrible for teeth. They attach to tooth enamel after the acid in the alcohol has weakened the enamel, and they will permanently stain and discolour your dad’s teeth. One way to avoid this would be drinking through a straw. But if your dad isn’t keen on that idea, he can also treat his teeth by teeth whitening (but it may not help if he makes a habit of excessively drinking alcohol). You can buy your dad a teeth whitening kit which would help brighten his smile and you can ask your dentist for more information.

High alcohol consumption also limits saliva production, causing dry mouth. When there isn’t enough saliva in the mouth, it creates the perfect environment for the promotion of anaerobic oral bacteria. Saliva is also needed to neutralise the acids produced by plaque and wash away any dead cells that accumulate in the mouth. If these are not removed, they will decompose which causes halitosis (bad breath).

Something that would go a long way to helping your dad fight bad breath would be an electric toothbrush. A third of dads actually prefer something electronic so this seems to be the perfect dental gift for your dad. An alcohol-free, fluoride mouthwash would also be another great way to help freshen your dad’s breath while protecting his teeth at the same time!

For the Sporty Dads

If you have a dad who loves rugby, soccer, or any other contact sport (even martial arts), he would definitely appreciate a mouth guard. Almost all contact sports’ guidelines require players wear mouth guards so your dad probably knows that he needs something that protects his teeth while he’s playing high intensity sports. You can chip in and give him a custom-made mouth guard.

Custom-made mouth guards are made by the dentist, who takes an impression of your dad’s top teeth and then moulds a perfect-fitting mouth guard to that impression. Your dad will then go back in and test it out to make sure any adjustments can be made for his ultimate comfort. Once you buy a great custom-made mouth guard, he’ll never need to buy another one so it’s a worthwhile investment and your dad will love it.

For the Outdoor Dads

If your dad loves camping and travelling, he’ll definitely appreciate two types of dental kits:

  1. A dental hygiene kit; and
  2. A dental emergency kit.

Both of these you can make yourself and they’re pretty easy.

Dental Hygiene Kit

This should be portable and light, filled with the daily dental essentials:

  • Portable mini brushes (which are compact and work without the need for toothpaste and water)
  • A small floss dispenser
  • Something to freshen his breath (like sugar-free mints, breath strips, or a small bottle of mouthwash)
  • An interdental brush

Dental Emergency Kit

With the emergency kit, this should be filled with dental first aid items. Some simple, easy to find items you can include:

  • A small mouth mirror
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Some sterile gauze
  • Pain killers

For a more comprehensive kit, you can find a couple for basic dental care as well as tooth trauma here.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads around the world and hopefully we’ve given you some great ideas for dental-themed gifts for your dad!