A Mother’s Day Dental Special

Apr 27, 2019

Mums are awesome. They help feed us, dress us, comfort us, warm us, snuggle with us, talk with us. Sometimes, it really seems like nothing is impossible for a mum. So to show your appreciation for your mum this Mother’s Day, here are some ideas that may brighten her smile.

Take Care of Your Own Teeth

This seems like an odd one to start with but mums are forever nagging their kids to brush and floss their teeth from dawn til dusk. Maybe it’d be a nice change for you to take care of your teeth without being asked so that you don’t add to your mum’s stress.

You can also pack your lunchbox with healthy snacks that help strengthen your teeth like cheese sticks, apples, or strawberries. And while you’re munching away, you can share some of your snack with your mum – she’d love that.

Treat Her Teeth

Mums are so busy running around that they often don’t get time to treat themselves. You can treat your mum’s teeth to a bit of sparkle by buying her a professional dental teeth whitening session with your local dentist. Her smile will truly be pearly white!

Beautiful Breakfast in Bed

Let your mum sleep in for a change by cooking her a nutritious breakfast or brunch she can have in bed. A breakfast muesli full of bananas, strawberries, and almonds would be a delicious way for her to start her day and her teeth will also be very happy. If she sleeps in til brunch time, why not cook her some salmon (which is rich in omega 3 and will help fight gum disease).

An Unguilty Snack

If you want to go old school, you can give her chocolate. That’s right, you can actually give her chocolate and that’d be good for her teeth… well, specific dark chocolate that is. Dark chocolate (especially cacao nibs) contain a compound that helps fight bacteria in your mouth. So your mum can enjoy yummy chocolate without feeling guilty!