Happy Gas: What Is it and How Does it Work?

Oct 6, 2020

Happy Gas, also known as Laughing Gas, is a colourless gas which can safely put you in a relaxed and ‘happy’ state of mind when inhaled. It is very useful for patients of all ages including children who are anxious or fearful about visiting their dentist. Let’s look at what exactly happy gas is and how it works.

Happy gas consists of a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen which is administered through a small mask fitted over your nose. You will be asked to breathe normally enabling the gas to enter your bloodstream rapidly through your lungs and travel to your brain where it triggers the release of your body’s natural opioids, endorphin and dopamine, which are known as the ‘happy hormones’ because of their mood-elevating properties.

You will notice the effects within seconds after administration of the happy gas as you become more relaxed and ready for treatment. The happy gas also has a bonus effect of providing a little bit of pain relief to maximize your comfort during your dental procedure.

Although laughing gas is very safe, a few patients may experience some temporary side effects such as lightheadedness, nausea, numbness and tingling. However, most people find the experience really enjoyable. The gas does not put you to sleep so you can hear and respond to questions asked by your dentist.

A steady flow of the happy gas is necessary to maintain its effects and the dentist can control the rate of flow to optimize your experience. After removal of the mask, the effects of the gas wear off within a couple of minutes and you can get back to routine activities almost immediately after the procedure.

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