How to Fight Bad Breath on the Go

Feb 28, 2019

Everyone knows the embarrassment of talking to someone and realising mid-sentence you have bad breath. And sometimes, it’s just not possible to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. But never fear! Here are some back up plans you have up your sleeve so you don’t have to find yourself in embarrassing situations ever again.

A Quick Note…

The following tips are temporary solutions to the problem. They don’t really treat the underlying problem of chronic halitosis. If you want more permanent solutions, you can check out our blog on Bad Breath: the Stench of Poor Dental Habits.

Breath Mints

This is a classic. Sucking on breath mints masks the odour that’s on your breath. They’re small, light, and convenient so you can take them anywhere. The only problem would be that a lot of mints have high levels of sugar. If you intend to pop mints frequently, we recommend trying sugar-free options so that the sugar doesn’t damage your teeth long-term.

Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Sometimes, bad breath is caused by a dry mouth. The act of chewing chewing gum helps stimulate your salivary glands into producing more saliva to wash/clear your tongue and teeth of residual food particles and bacteria. It goes without saying that sugar-free chewing gum is your best bet as there won’t be any sugar sticking to your teeth and causing them to decay.

Gum is also compact so it’ll help when you’re on the go and it will last longer than dissolving breath mints. The only problem is that it may not look appropriate in professional settings. If you want an extremely quick fix, go with breath mints (which are more inconspicuous); if you want a longer lasting solution, go with chewing gum.

Breath Strips

Breath strips are like mouthwashes just in the form of an edible strip (instead of liquid). Just place the strip on your tongue and your saliva will dissolve it, freshening your breath in the process.

Breath strips are even more discreet than mints as you don’t even need to suck on them – they just naturally dissolve in your mouth – and they’re packaged in very small packs. They’re quite potent so you get a big blast of breath refreshment in a matter of seconds.

Mini Brushes

Portable mini brushes are compact and work without the need for toothpaste and water (as toothpaste gel is placed in the centre of the bristles of the pocket-sized toothbrush). It’s a disposable toothbrush option – you use it once and then throw it in the bin – so it’s effective on bad breath but maybe not entirely cost-effective.

Natural Food Remedies

If you find yourself eating at a restaurant and you notice they’re serving parsley (or even mint) as a garnish for your dish, you’re in luck. Chewing parsley (or a sprig of mint) can neutralise your bad breath in seconds.