How to Get Your Hubby to Hone His (Dental) Hygiene

Sep 30, 2019

Everyone knows men need a little more convincing to take better care of themselves than women. How can caring wives give that gentle nudge for their husbands to go for regular dental visits? During a regular check-up appointment, besides looking for dental decay, your dentist will evaluate the health of your gums and the soft tissues of your mouth including the tongue. Anything out of the ordinary can be detected, such as signs of diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and oral cancer.

5 Top Tips

1. Health is Paramount

Most of us probably won’t do what we know to be good for us, but we will do it for someone we love. Regular dental check-ups help eliminate any major problems that can arise if left on the back burner. Let him know his health is paramount for the welfare of your family.

2. Oral Health Affects General Health

Gum disease can lead to general health issues such as heart problems. Keeping on top of the health of your teeth will help with overall general health.

3. Health Funds

If you are already paying for a private health fund, why not make the most of it and let it work for you? This will appeal to the practical financial mind of the ‘provider’ of the family.

4. Avoid Big Bills

Just like regularly servicing a car to avoid major defects, when he has regular checks and cleans, any minor problems can be detected and addressed before they turn into major issues that can cost thousands of dollars.

5. Cheeky Bribery

If all else fails, use bribery! Tell him you just cannot bring yourself to kiss a smelly dirty mouth!