Senior Dental Assistant at Robina Family Dental Surgery

Julie, our esteemed senior dental assistant at Robina Family Dental Surgery, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Originally from Sydney, she has called the Gold Coast home for the past three years, contributing her skills and knowledge to provide exceptional dental care to our valued patients.

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Julie finds fulfilment in various aspects of dentistry, but particularly delights in helping anxious patients overcome their fears and anxieties, witnessing their visible relaxation within the dental environment.


68/2 Arbour Avenue RobinaQLD 4226 Australia

(07) 5578 8227

During her leisure time, Julie indulges in her love for outdoor activities, exploring the breathtaking Gold Coast hinterland through hiking adventures and enjoying the freedom of riding her bike. Additionally, she cherishes quality moments spent with her children whenever she has the opportunity.

With her extensive experience and genuine compassion, Julie plays an integral role in ensuring that each patient’s dental experience at Robina Family Dental Surgery is comfortable and positive. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to patient care is evident in every aspect of her work.