Periodontal Debridement(Gum Disease Treatment)

What is this treatment?

Debridement is the removal of large amounts of plaque and tartar from your teeth by using hand instruments and/or an ultrasonic device, which uses water and high-frequency vibrations.

In general, periodontal disease can be sub-divided into two different groups:



is a reversible condition restricted to the margins of the gums This presents as swollen, inflamed and bleeding gums and is most prevalent in children and adolescents. Treatment is plaque removal and control by your dental professional and at home.


This affects the supporting tissue of your teeth, which are the ligaments that attach the teeth to the bone and the jaw bone itself. The periodontal ligaments break down and result in the clinical loss of attachment and resorption of the supporting bone. Periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Treatment is through deep cleaning of the gums and teeth by your dentist to arrest the progression of the disease and encourage reattachment of the ligaments. This may take several visits and when the disease is under control, you will need to go on a regular recall and maintenance program to keep the disease at bay.

Is this treatment for me?

Periodontal Debridement is beneficial if:
  • 9You have gum disease
  • 9You have bleeding, excessive swelling or discharge from your gums

The benefits of this treatment are

  • 9It leaves the surfaces of your teeth clean and smooth so that your dentist can determine whether you require any further treatment
  • 9It assists in promoting better oral health