Your Versatile Dental Assistant and Receptionist

Rina, a versatile member of the team at Robina Family Dental Surgery, serves as both a dental assistant and occasionally assists at the reception desk. Known for her cheerful and easy-going nature, she takes pride in ensuring that patients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their entire visit, striving to create a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Having a strong passion for the dental field, Rina thoroughly enjoys engaging with patients and building meaningful connections. She finds immense fulfilment in witnessing the transformation of patients, from their initial apprehension to leaving with a happy and confident smile. With aspirations to further her career, Rina aims to work towards becoming a hygienist in the future.


68/2 Arbour Avenue RobinaQLD 4226 Australia

(07) 5578 8227

During her leisure time, Rina delights in visiting the beach, exploring new places, and spending quality moments with her cherished family and friends. Embracing life’s adventures and creating lasting memories are integral parts of her vibrant lifestyle.

At Robina Family Dental Surgery, Rina is dedicated to providing exceptional care, ensuring the comfort of patients throughout their dental journey, and ensuring they leave with a smile that radiates confidence. It is her privilege to be a valuable part of each patient’s dental experience.