Traditional vs Digital Moulds/Impressions

Sep 20, 2022

Why do we need impressions?

An impression allows the dentist to create a replica of the structures within your mouth. This is done to create a duplicate of the structures and use it to study or construct structures within the mouth.

Traditional moulds

Many patients reference this procedure with the term “taking a mould.” A soft/gooey material is placed in the mouth with the help of a tray. The material might take a while to harden after it is removed to check for its accuracy. If the dentist is not happy with the result, a repeat might be necessary.

Digital impressions

Where we use a digital scanning tool to take images of your teeth. This wand uses a high-tech computer to turn that picture into a 3D model of your teeth.

Advantages of digital impressions over traditional moulds

  1. Digital impressions are not only more comfortable than their traditional counterpart, but they are also less invasive for those who already have high gag reflex and feel anxiety while seeing the dentist.
  2. Traditional moulds may have a chance of dimensional changes leading to inaccurate impressions. They are also prone to human error. Digital impressions negate that.
  3. The traditional moulds need to be poured into a cast which must be physically stored. Unlike impressions that can get lost or are discarded after use, the Digital impressions are a permanent record of your mouth stored on a computer.
  4. Digital impressions have a quicker turnaround time. The scan is sent over to the laboratory with a click of a button reducing turnaround time drastically.
  5. Digital impressions can be used for a variety of different dental procedures. The i-TeroTM scanner is ideal for crowns, bridgesimplantsInvisalign® clear aligners, and many other procedures.
  6. The iTero scanner is specifically made to conform with the requirement for Invisalign clear aligners. Hence, the workflow to construct your Invisalign retainers is effortless.


Although traditional moulds have a place in dentistry, eventually most dental procedures will be carried out via digital impressions. At Robina Family Dental Surgery, we have braced technology and have the iTero scanner. If you wish to know more about our digital impressions service, please feel free to reach out to us.